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Screenshot_2021-01-15 We are Tesonet We build the digital future
New corporate website and modern dark theme design

Tesonet needed a modern company website that highlighted the company’s position among top internet security firms. Also they requested a web solution that would help their HR to manage their job ads.

Screenshot_2021-01-15 Career We are Tesonet
Complete career page solution with full Lever API integration

Rapidly growing internet security company Tesonet wanted to integrate Lever jobs API into their website’s career page. Our solution helps them to avoid manual work maintaining job ads in multiple locations.

We have implemented job category filtering by departments and cities and a smart search to quickly search through all the job ads.

We have also integrated a form which submits applicants’ data straight to the Lever API.

Screenshot_2021-01-15 Blog We are Tesonet
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